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Jonathon Romero Module Two Activity Resources in Your College 1. Make a list of 5 resources that your college campus offers that can help you succeed in your course work. For example, does your campus have a Health Center, a day care center, or a learning center? Identify specific ways these resources benefit you. What resources do your college campus not have that you feel would be beneficial to the student learner? Name of Office/Service Contact Information How will I use this resource? James W. Dowdy Library PH 863-297-1040 Fax 863-297-1065 I will check out books to do research and use this as an area to study in peace. TLCC Winter Haven Campus Located: WLR-205 Ph 863-297-1033 Fax 863-297-1049 I will use this when I have no other access to a computer and when I need to print out assignments before class. Student Activities and Leadership Office Carlos Parra Ph 862-298-6819 I will use this resource when I
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Unformatted text preview: need a student I.D. or would like an activity calendar. PSC Help Center WAD 178 Crisis line 800-723-3248 I will use this if I become stressed or suffer from test anxiety I can contact the counselors for help. Polk CC Bookstore Ph 863-299-3325 Fax 863-299-9887 I will you this if I need to purchase a book for a class or materials to do my work. 2. List resources that your college campus does not have that you feel would be beneficial to the student learner? Type of Office/Service How would this benefit the learner? A Health Clinic This would help keep students in good physical, mental and spiritual health by giving them a place to go if the get sick or overworked. A Tutoring Center This could help students by matching them up with professional tutors that could help them study for a test or just help with a class in general....
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