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Module2JRomero - Jonathon Romero Module 2 Pg 29 questions 1...

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Jonathon Romero Module 2 Pg. 29 questions 1. Gloria has both intrinsic and extrinsic motivations to succeed. She has the extrinsic motivation from her family and her friends due to their expectations of her to succeed. She also has the intrinsic motivations from wanting to be a fashion designer. Because it is a subject she’s interested in, she is more likely to work harder and succeed. 2. Gloria believes she is smart enough. According to the text she could get good grades but didn’t always choose to. Gloria thinks of her sister as smarter than herself and, because her sister dropped out of college after one semester she believes she might suffer the same fate. However Gloria believes that as long as she tries and puts in the effort she shouldn’t have a problem with the classes she takes. She is a performer in that she thinks as long as she does the work she’ll get the grade and doesn’t think she can improve her intelligence. This is as opposed to being a learner who studies the subject to increase their
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