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Module3CaseJ.Romero - Jonathon Romero Module 3 Pg 51...

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Jonathon Romero Module 3 Pg. 51 questions 1. Tammy is having difficulties in her class because she is a hands-on-learner while her professor is teaching the class through lectures. Because she has no control over the way the professor teaches, she needs to make changes to the way she approaches the class. She needs to take a more active approach in class and ask the professor questions when she doesn’t understand something in his lectures. She also needs to try to understand the concepts of the class instead memorizing data. 2. Tammy is smart when it comes to hands-on activities. When she is actively involved in finding the answer to a question she is much quicker to grasp the concepts behind what she is doing. She is a good learner when she can see the different causes and effects for herself. 3. The sensory modality that Tammy prefers to use to take in information is by actually doing things. She wants to be in the middle of the action and see what’s going on in actual cases.
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