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Jonathon Romero Intelligence Type: Logical-Mathematical Intelligence List three strategies that you can use to facilitate your learning in the classroom: 1. I can group notes I have taken together and separate them into different categories. This would allow me to methodically go through and study each different section one at a time. I would be able to see the logical patterns in the information and I would better comprehend the connection to the other information when I compared their separate patterns. 2. I can make a numbered list of all my assignments in order of importance and amount of work required. This would help me stay focused on doing one thing at a time and not getting off track. I could then
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Unformatted text preview: logically move from one assignment to the next with out wasting time. 3. In order to better comprehend new ideas I can destruct them to their most basic forms. These basic ideas would be simple, logical, and easy to remember. I can then apply this knowledge to the more complicated ideas and understand them because they share the same logic with the more simple ideas. This makes adding new information easier because a new complex idea can theoretically be constructed from previously known simple ideas with just the addition of one or two ideas instead of starting from scratch....
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