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Romero 1 Jonathon Romero Professor Junkins Composition 1 21 March 2011 Annotated Bibliography: The Effect of Patriotic Imagery in Print Advertisements Balabanis, George, Adamatios Diamantopoulos, Rene Mueller, and T.C. Melewar. "The Impact of Nationalism, Patriotism and Internationalism on Consumer Ethnocentric." Journal of International Business Studies 32.1 (2001): 157-175. Web. 21 Mar 2011. The journal reports the study and analysis on the impact of nationalism, patriotism, and internationalism in the countries of Turkey and the Czech Republic. It monitored the effect of theses attitudes and whether they reflected good or bad on products, both foreign and domestic, in an economic way. They found that consumer purchasing in Turkey was influenced by patriotism, or commitment to the nation, while purchasing in the Czech Republic was influenced by nationalism, or patriotism with a negative feeling towards other countries. Internationalism was found not to have an effect on sale of products. These are all explained by people in the Czech Republic having feelings of social dominance and inferior foreign products, people in Turkey holding strong, pure
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annotated bibliography - Romero 1 Jonathon Romero Professor...

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