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Romero 1 Jonathon Romero Professor Junkins Composition 1 21 March 2011 Research Proposal: The Effect of Patriotic Imagery in Print Advertisements Large companies often find it difficult to expand into other countries due to the foreignness of their product to the locals. In order to make their product acceptable, they advertise their product with patriotic imagery in order to make the new potential customers comfortable with their product. I intend to prove that patriotic imagery, in print advertisements, allows the majority of the public to be more comfortable with the product and as a result, a higher chance of purchasing the product. This patriotism is often shown in references to the local culture and makes the product seem less foreign and show the company selling the product understands the people and their culture. This is what companies hope will lead to their product becoming popular in these areas. I will use to the two Coca-Cola print ads as illustrations of this phenomenon. The first, which is from Pakistan, is a picture of a bottle of Coke with a colorful
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research proposal - Romero 1 Jonathon Romero Professor...

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