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journal1 - sororities Coming to college I didn’t really...

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Casey Gresh September 22, 2008 Instructor T.C. Lloyd Univ 101 First Look Fair I went to the First Look Fair on September 18 around noon until two  o’clock.  I wasn’t expecting much but just to “look” around and check out the clubs  and everything else.  I actually ended up having a good time.  It’s funny how  things work out that way, how good things come to you when you least expect it.  I talked to the representatives of the Jewish club for about fifteen minutes and I’m  not even remotely Jewish. I also met a lot of nice fraternity boys and I’m obviously  not planning on joining a frat.  I spent most of my time looking at different 
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Unformatted text preview: sororities. Coming to college, I didn’t really even consider joining a sorority. I went to an all-girls Catholic school where I have a great group of really close friends so I didn’t really see a need to make anymore girlfriends or put myself out there like that. But after talking to these girls, I realized this could really be for me. In high school my life completely revolved around my friends, and that’s something I’ve missed since I’ve been at college because I don’t have that security or comfort with many people here. I look forward to maybe finding some really good friends here....
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