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Casey Gresh October 12, 2008 Professor T.C. Lloyd Journal #2 Reaction to TERP Choices I thought that the jeopardy game of TERP choices was very informative and  beneficial.  Stephanie seemed very knowledgeable in the various subjects and I  learned a lot about alcohol, smoking, drugs, and sex.  I already was fairly  educated on the topics but I definitely heard some things that I never knew.  For  example, I never knew the true meaning of the word “heroin.”  I also never knew  that alcohol was the most prevalent drug.  I didn’t know that so many people  abused the use of adderal.  All of the percents and statistics were quite alarming; I  had no idea that sixty percent of females with sexually transmitted diseases 
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Unformatted text preview: blamed alcohol consumption for their condition. I also had no idea that there are over four thousand chemicals in cigarette smoke. I found both of these facts pretty shocking. I thought it was interesting that she demonstrated how to properly use a condom and how being under the influence effects how well one can do that. I also thought it was interesting when she said that people generally are so concerned with showing the police that they can walk in a straight line when they are caught drinking illegally that they actually forget to count their steps. I thought it was overall a constructive class because I definitely learned a lot....
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