journal3 - Our uniform consisted of a light blue kilt and a...

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Casey Gresh Professor T.C. Lloyd October 19, 2008 Univ101 Free Write All my life I have attended private Catholic schools. I guess my parents just thought that those institutions would better educate my sister and me. I have been at the top of my class since elementary school, and I graduated with a 4.0 from high school in the spring. For high school I went to Mount de Sales Academy for girls in Baltimore County Maryland. MDS is an all girls’ high school that was established by the Dominican Order of Sisters in 1852. We would pray before every class and go to Mass in the chapel located in the direct center of the school every first Friday of the month. One of the traditions there is receiving a Miraculous Medal as a freshman, which is part of the uniform we were to wear, and then receiving another one when we graduated.
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Unformatted text preview: Our uniform consisted of a light blue kilt and a white polo shirt with a nametag and miraculous medal during the spring and fall, and a gray plaid kilt with a white button down in the winter. I was in honors courses all four years, and took three advanced placement classes as a senior. I was typically an A and B student, and I ran cross-country and track all four years. Coming to college park has been an entirely different experience for me. After four years of sheltered education and all girls in a small institution, this university is a breath of fresh air. I like being able to meet someone new every week if not every day. Even so, I feel as though my past education experience has prepared me for the next four years in that I am more open to the change of pace....
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journal3 - Our uniform consisted of a light blue kilt and a...

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