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MBTI - Casey Gresh Univ101 Reaction to MBTI The...

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Casey Gresh October 27, 2008 Univ101 Reaction to MBTI The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator categorized me as an E-N-F-P. This means I have extraversion, intuition, feeling, and perception. It found me to be curious, creative, and imaginative, energetic, enthusiastic, and spontaneous. I am keenly perceptive of people and of the world around them. I am appreciative of affirmation from others; and I readily express appreciation and give my support to others. I am likely to value harmony and goodwill and I am likely to make decisions based on personal values and empathy with others. Others usually see me as personable, perceptive, persuasive and versatile. This indication pretty much nailed me on the head. I definitely possess all of the qualities to an extreme degree. When the traits were being described to us in class, I classified myself as each of these four letters. The only one I was uncertain about was the extraversion/introversion one because as a young child I was very independent and quiet. However, as I have grown I have become much more outgoing and outspoken.
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