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Casey Gresh December 1, 2008 Univ101 Sect201 My Dream Job My dream job is a profession that involves special education with children. According to the Council for Exceptional Children, special educators are highly trained professionals who provide specifically designed instruction and services to children with special needs or disabilities. They basically observe and learn the exact needs of each student, and as a result, acquire the teaching strategies necessary to meet each and every need so that they may reach their full learning potential. Such occupations include: adapted physical education teachers, career profilers for special education, and special education resource teachers. I want to work in such a living because not only do I love working with children, but also I love making them happy and I enjoy the fact that I am able to give them exactly what they need. Consistent to the CEC, qualities important and necessary in a special educator include: creative problem solving, ability to master learning styles and teaching strategies, being a team player, intelligent, organized, and flexible, capable of lifelong learning, and preparedness to meet the challenges of their profession with confidence and enthusiasm. I feel as though I possess most of these values if not all of them, and the ones that I may fail to possess or not be quite as skilled in, I feel that I am capable of possessing in the future with further education and practice. Something that has definitely influenced me to make this decision has been the birth and growth of my fifteen-month-old nephew. Ever since my nephew Jesse was born on August 25, 2007, most of my everyday activity has been dedicated to him, or helping my
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sister take care of him, at least while I am living at home. It is a lot of hard work, but at the end of the day, I feel as if I have actually done something productive with my time
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univDreamJob - Casey Gresh December 1 2008 Univ101 Sect201...

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