oct 6 - Advertising • Has been used for centuries. •...

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Unformatted text preview: Advertising • Has been used for centuries. • U.S. advertisers spend more than $237 billion each year; worldwide spending approaches $470 billion (it is a $470 billion dollar industry!). • Can reach masses of geographically dispersed buyers. • Can repeat a message many times. • It is impersonal, one-way communication. • Benefits o Increased sales o Increased consumer base • Costs o The actual dollar amount of the advertisement o Lost sales if the ad is bad • Classified by purpose o To inform o To persuade o To compare o To remind Identity Market • Consumers wear or display in their homes product logos (For example, tshirts and shoes with Niki logos on them or displaying things with UGA on them). • Solomon says that our identities are formed by an allegiance to common value systems expressed through affiliation with product sets. Types of Advertising • Commercials: Short ads shown throughout TV programs. The timing is targeted to specific views during specific programs. Think about the difference in ads you might see at 2 a.m. verses 2 p.m. • Components of Commercials o Familiarity o Humor (positive association) This is used a lot with kids foods. For example, snap, crackle, and pop, the cartoon men, for rice krispies. o Sexuality Watched the Pepsi Cindy Crawford ads and the “green M&M ads,” which both use sexuality, on YouTube.com. o Animals • Consumer Space: A system in which companies sell with consumers. For example, when you wear a t-shirt with a business’s name on it you are advertising with that company; they are not paying you to do so. For example, even wearing fraternity or sorority letters is advertising for those groups....
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oct 6 - Advertising • Has been used for centuries. •...

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