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Corey Carson AvP movie q’s 1- The evidence in the movie to suggest that aliens gave humans the hallmarks of civilization where that when the pyramid was discovered under the ice someone noted that it had smooth sides (egyption), steps (Mexican), and also had the writings of three different ancient civilations. 2- In class we learned that the Egyptian pyramids had smooth sides, the Mexican pyramids where stair stepped, and the Peru pyramids where terraced. 3- There would have to be advanced techniques (obsidian skulls) to prove that alien contact happened with ancient civilations. The archaeological evidence one would need to prove
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Unformatted text preview: aliens taught people how to build pyramids would be alien bones and all the pyramids would look the exact same. 4-People believe aliens built the pyramids because they are so massive and its hard to wrap your head around humans building some of the largest structures in the world, even compared to our time, without using any machines. Everything was built with sheer man and or animal power. Mind bottling, when your thoughts get so crazy you can capture them in a bottle....
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