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Corey Carson ARCHY 101 FILM PROJECT Atlanthropology Group Review: Jessica Chess: Jessica was a very important piece to our group’s success. She was the one who checked out the camera and played a role in our trailer. She also helped trade off in being the camera man. She came to all our group meetings and put in a good effort in this project. Skyler Cichy: Skyler was a crucial piece to our film group because he understood how to edit and piece together our film on the computer. He also played the leading role in the trailer and came to all our group meetings. My contribution: I was sort of the group leader and organized the meet up times and wrote up the scripts and plots.
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Unformatted text preview: I made sure everyone was on the same page and also helped film the trailer. I feel like I motivated the group to focus on the task at hand to speed up the production of our trailer. Overall: The entire group meshed well. We all had an upbeat attitude never short of laughs and fun memories during our filming. We all contributed equally great ideas and points of view when creating our film. I am pretty satisfied with our trailer and am sure it will get a few good laughs. It was a fun project and a good ol’ time. Jack Johnson ʼ s mailbox at the Department of Anthropology main office, M32 Denny Hal l...
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