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1 1) Indiana Jones, in Raiders of the Lost Ark , is a classic Hollywood hero. He is a white, athletically built, handsome man. Indy’s personality consists of an intellectual, charismatic, humorous, quick witted, romantic, daring, and brave. Indy’s moral character is dependable, a human life is more important than his sought after treasure. His most notable characteristic are his wicked whip skills. 2) Indy’s motives are to discover his incredibly rare treasure that, if in the wrong hands, can
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Unformatted text preview: cause worldwide destruction. His drive for action is to protect his woman, and put the “Ark” in the safety of the American government. 3) Indy’s arch enemy is Belloq, who is always taking credit for Indy’s discoveries. Belloq is a French archaeologist with an accent to distinguish his evil motives. He is a scrawny, weasely white man who has no archaeological skill. His only skill is stealing and being a dirty Frenchman whos only drive for action is money and fame....
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