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Corey Carson Movie 2 Q’s 1- Lara Croft doesn’t represent archaeology at all because she attempts to live through her father, a well known archaeologist, but instead just shoots at bad guys wearing short shorts and tight shirts (yet I don’t mind one bit). Alex West somewhat represents archaeology a little better by dressing like an archaeologist, although he may not do any archaeologist work. Indy is more of an adventurer or treasure hunter rather than an archaeologist. Finally, Belloq is simply a thief that takes credit for Indy’s discoveries. 2- Lara Croft is a gorgeous woman that enjoys wearing clothes tantalizing to the male senses. She is risky, brave, and good in combat. These attributes drive the plot by making it easy on the eyes and action packed to keep the dull moments limited.
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Unformatted text preview: 3-Five things I find improbable about Lara Crofts abilities are: when she over powered a robot with her bare hands, traveling through time, sliding through the ice tunnel on her feet being pulled by dogs, her crazy nack for hearing a clock tick in a hidden storage space several rooms away from hers, and finally the fact that the planets align every 5000 years. 4-The depiction of the Illuminati is somewhat credible; the movie depicts them as a bunch of old guys that like to talk about ancient treasures. However, I think the depiction is skewed because they probably aren’t trying to harm anyone or control the world. Who even knows if they’re real, they’re a secret society right?...
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