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movie scenes - more than a coincidence Scene 3 Discover...

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Corey Carson Skyler Cichy Finding Atlantis Jessica Chess Cody Papka Cast Jessica: scientist/ancient symbologist Corey: Psuedo-scientist Cody: miscellaneous parts/ camera man Skyler: Archaeologist -We plan on shooting the entire movie in one day on campus, using the fountain as the main attraction. Scene 1: Pseudo scientist really believes in Atlantis, but archaeologist tries to show him the facts about its falsification. Scene 2: Archaeologist is confronted by pseudo scientist with images of all the pyramids around the world and they all have the exact same complex symbol at similar locations on pyramid. This has to be
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Unformatted text preview: more than a coincidence. Scene 3: Discover that the ancient symbol is of a lost ancient language at it turns out to be a location on the globe. Latitude/longitude. Scene 4: Latitude and longitude match up to that of the fountain on the UW campus. We look around the fountain and discover the same symbol that was on all the pyramids. It turns out to be a button of some sort and we all push it and an ancient crystal building pops up out of the fountain. Coming Spring 2011!! END...
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