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Corey Carson The Mummy Q’s 1) I would consider the Americans at Hamunaptra looters because they were characterized as the “greedy cowboys” in the film. 2) Imhotep in real life was a High Priest during the Third Dynasty. Was considered a renaissance man because he was knowledgeable in medicine, architecture, and engineering. He seemed to be a well respected figure among the ancient Egyptian people. In the movie he was portrayed as an evil invincible freak of nature that had magic powers. 3) An older man by the name of Carnarvon is suspected to have died because of the “king tut curse”. Apparently he was already sick when he entered the tomb and he died several months later. Many experts say that there are toxic molds in the tombs from the body and
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Unformatted text preview: food left for the journey to the other side. There are also bacteria on the walls of the tombs that are harmful to the respiratory system. Others say that since Carnarvon was already sick when he went into the tomb his immune system was more vulnerable and could have picked up a virus just as easily at a restaurant. 4) Archaeology does not unleash evil because it’s an academic study of the Earth’s past through artifacts left behind. One could as easily say science is evil, math is evil, or art is evil. If anything, looting is evil because it is stemmed from greed and selfishness....
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