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Corey Carson 1) In the case of Galileo, he believed that the sun was the center of our galaxy and was considered a liar by the Catholic Church. This relates to the movie because the archaeological chimps find evidence that humans where once the top species of the planet, but the orangutans refute that evidence because their bible says differently, even when hard scientific evidence backs up the chimp’s claims. 2) Archaeology was a threat to the ape society because the discoveries shattered the fundamentals of their everyday life and outlook. The evidence that challenges ape beliefs is the human doll that makes a human like cry, because in the movie humans
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Unformatted text preview: were not able to speak. 3) I believe there is a contradiction between many religions and true science because the evolution theory and archaeological discoveries of old human remains debunks religions claims that modern man was created by the hand of God. They can somewhat be compatible in the sense of who or what created the universe, because that question will never be answered, and to many the only explanation is God. 4) A just society cant invest so much power in a single group, which is why there is a separation of church and state in the US constitution. It creates a bias in ruling and solving every day issues....
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