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Corey Carson 1- The diverse and romantic/unscientific visions of Stonehenge come from ignorant story tellers that can’t comprehend why someone would want to move fifty or so forty five ton blocks of stone over 200 miles and rolling hills to build a monument. It seems like too much work for man to accomplish so we make up excuses, one being that aliens built it. 2- I believe that what the British police did to unarmed people was completely unnecessary. They used excessive force and violence on men and women alike. I also believe that hippies or anyone
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Unformatted text preview: else should not be near Stonehenge because it is an ancient site that needs to be protected. The interests being protected by the police where partly archaeological but mostly governmental. The National Trust of Britain had had enough of the destruction of land near Stonehenge caused by the festival and wanted to preserve its beauty from rebellious hippie druggies....
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