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Corey Carson 1. Archaeology provides an alternative to history by showing more than one side to things. For example, back in the slavery days, history tells us that history was a southern hobby, but in fact a slave burial site was found in New York City. Archaeology provides hard evidence rather than exaggerated stories passed on for generations, like what happened at the Battle of Little Bighorn. Finally, the study and understanding of symbols is primarily and archaeology thing. 2. A wide range of anthropological and interdisciplinary methods is being used when researching the African Burial Ground of NYC: osteological and dental radiology and chemistry, molecular genetics, history, archaeology, botany, and African art history are
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Unformatted text preview: but a few of the fields represented in this endeavor. 3. Archaeology discovered the past culture in my reading. I think it’s necessary in this case because if it wasn’t for archy we wouldn’t have known about slavery north of the Dixon Line. Archaeology will give us a better understanding of the past because it’s all factual rather than hyperboles of first or second hand accounts. 4. Yes, archaeology gives us a better understanding of the lives and cultures of “People without History” because history books never mention them. So, you either learn about them through archaeology or remain ignorant....
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