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1. Based on the Kelly and Thomas reading, which of the following goals are important to CRM archaeologists: collecting archaeological evidence in order to scrutinize the soundness of their ideas about the past, facilitating business ventures or other land development projects, insuring that various communities have access to cultural resources, or protecting the archaeological record from destruction? Why do you think so? In justifying your answer, refer to the case studies that Kelly and Thomas discuss in their text.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. In what ways is the Burrup situation similar to the the crisis depicted in The Body ? What role did archaeologists play in this real-world crisis? Should they have played a different role? 3. Do you think that it matters whether we label the material remains left by past humans "the archaeological record," "cultural resources," or "cultural properties"? In what ways might these different labels affect the debate about ownership of, access to, and appropriate treatment of these materials? 1....
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