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TA question assg 2 - Raiders of the Lost Ark because it’s...

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1 1) Indy fits into a well crafted stereotype that Miles Russell came up with. In Russell’s essay he states, “There is the archaeologist driven by a single goal, considered mad by some, who will, through their discoveries, undoubtedly unleash a curse upon all humanity” (Russell 1). In Raiders of the Lost Ark , Indy discovers the sacred “Ark” and witnesses an unleashing of its deadly power. 2) Indy’s traits advance the story by making it exciting and action packed. His daring, brave, and wild personality makes him attempt life threatening and exciting-to-watch stunts. His quick wit also adds a comic relief to the story. 3) The only “real” parallel I see with Indy to any real life archaeologist is his strive for understanding the past. His techniques for extracting ancient items may not be conventional to any real world archaeologist, but he sure makes it look fun. 4) Real archaeologists may be concerned with the way archaeology is portrayed in
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Unformatted text preview: Raiders of the Lost Ark because it’s not all about finding golden heads in the jungle and running from the local savages and cannibals only to make it to safety by the skin of your teeth. No, real archaeology is not as fun as that, and real archaeologists don’t want people to choose a career that is nothing like it’s portrayed in the movies and they also probably don’t want people to have a false impression of them all being world class heroes. Real archaeologists can’t do much about these concerns because they aren’t Hollywood directors, so unless archaeologists start becoming movie producers or screen writers, I don’t think there’s much they can do to change the public perception of them. If anything they could make a documentary and put it on the history channel or discovery channel, but no one is going to watch that....
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