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1 1- My favorite subject is human anatomy because I find the human body and its functions incredible that so many tiny pieces, from cells to muscle fibers to bones, are all working in harmony with one another to sustain life. 2- I am interested in this class because I believe in evolution and would like to learn about human fossils and other discoveries to broaden my knowledge on the subject. 3- My favorite movie featuring archaeology would obviously have to be Indian Jones, not to specific with which one because they are all pretty sweet.    1- In the reading my favorite archaeologist was Nels Nelson because he was a self  made success. He grew up in poverty and became a renowned archaeologist  and only has his self to thank. He also created the ‘stratigraphic’ excavation  technique that seems to be a widely used technique.  2- The development of American archaeology has made it into a professional 
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Unformatted text preview: scientific discipline. In the beginning it was a hobby for the rich, but now it is a professional career to many. There is now intensive training that goes into becoming an archaeologist, in Jefferson’s era everything was self taught. 3-The ethical responsibilities of modern archaeologists are to protect artifacts, inform the public about finds, and preserve the artifacts along with the information tied to them. In the past archaeologists would probably sell their artifacts and the public would never be able to see a piece of history. Now, every find belongs to the public domain. 4-These responsibilities are extremely important to society because without them history changing finds may go unheard of and our civilization will continue to live ignorantly....
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