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Corey Carson 1. Iron rust, pottery, seeds in the clay wall are all archaeological evidence to identify  the time era of the corpse. To identify the corpse the doctor noticed that there  were marks all the way around the skull (crown of thorns), and that the right  forearm was larger like that of a carpenter’s , unbroken legs, and finally the spear  mark on the ribs to be the killing blow. All are traits that or Jesus and his death.  2. The Catholic Church wants the body because it wants to cover it up because in 
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Unformatted text preview: their faith, Jesus, in flesh, rose from the dead and went to heaven and if the bones turn out to be his then it would be the end to Christianity. The Arab nationalists want the body so they can black male the Vatican. 3. The real life artifact I’m going to use in my film trailer is the discovery of Atlantis using clues from the pyramids around the world....
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