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Corey Carson WALL-E movie Q’s ARCHY 101 1) I believe that WALL-E begins to understand the culture that lived on Earth because he has been doing archaeological research on them for 700 + years in the movie. The humans portrayed in the film have no idea what the past culture was about and WALL-E tries to teach them in a sense. The barrier that exists between the cultures is technology. Technology may act as a barrier in understanding our past as well. 2) Yes the humans and robots that resettle Earth should do archaeology to understand the way humans lived before them to better understand the things they did wrong that led to the fleeing of Earth in the first place and try to avoid those bad habits. 3) I believe our society is headed for an environmental catastrophe on several levels,
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Unformatted text preview: garbage being just one of them. Archaeology can help because it can show us our tendencies and disposal and decomposition rates, but can’t really fix the problem. 4) I believe space archaeology is a good idea solely for the protection of monumental accomplishment like the first steps on the moon. Protection of these sites is important because they will never disappear unless the moon explodes. After humans are dead and gone someone or something will see those footprints and understand a little piece of our history. We should actually build a little museum on the moon that has records of all our discoveries and accomplishments in it so a future species may sometime discover it....
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