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Corey Carson Archy 101 Wk 10 assignment 1) Homeless people in Minnesota left behind artifacts of their everyday lives and archaeologists discovered and analyzed them. Archaeologists discovered that homeless people can live in landscapes meant to exclude them, and also barren lands. Many homeless people resent the help provided by churches for some reason, I feel like if they don’t like it, then get a job and quit your complaining you smelly bum. For example, they destroy the hygiene material and bibles, which is a little over the top, they don’t have to accept them from churches. This investigation provided us with information that we should not help the homeless, they seem to have it all figured out except how to open a can of food. 2) The Turbo Island newscast was very intriguing. Homeless people, preconceived as druggie, inbred, and clinically insane, can still serve a purpose. The bums where able to provide the archaeologist with information on modern drugs and their background. This
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