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bio study guide test two - DNA The cellular information to...

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DNA** The cellular information to make a protein is stored long-term as this type of molecule. RNA DNA pre -protein mRNA The order of nucleotides in a stretch of DNA makes a _______ which contains the information to make a ____________. chromosome, gene gene, protein protein, amino acid genome, chromosome If we isolated DNA from your skin cells and your liver cells, they would have __________ DNA. some of the same different no identical A DNA double helix is formed through the interactions of this part of a nucleotide nitrogenous base phosphate group pentose sugar nucleic acid This part of the nucleotide binds two nucleotides together to form a single strand of DNA pentose all of these nitrogenous base phosphate group DNA is stored within cells as lots of double helices long pieces of single stranded DNA proteins long strands of double stranded DNA wrapped around proteins as chromosomes Thinking back to your modules on proteins, complete the following statement: amino acids are to proteins as ____________ are to DNA and RNA. nucleotides nucleic acids sugars nitrogenous bases Two double stranded DNA molecules are made from DNA replication. Which of the following statements is true about the 2 new DNA molecules?
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One molecule has two original strands and one molecule has two new strands both molecules have two new strands of DNA both molecules contain one original strand and one new strand Only one double stranded DNA strand results from DNA replication Gene Expression*** What does it mean for a gene to be expressed? In other words, what does “gene expression” really mean? A gene makes a copy of itself. A gene is turned into RNA. Information in a gene is made into protein. RNA is turned into DNA. How did scientists know the genetic code was in sets of three nucleotides? Everything in science comes in threes A three-letter code provides enough codes to make all 20 amino acids while single and paired nucleotides did not provide enough codes. The number of nucleotides per gene divided by three corresponded to the number of amino acids for a protein Only three nucleotides fir in a tRNA molecule From the following double stranded DNA sequence, transcribe the correct mRNA molecule (Remember which is the template strand): 5’-TTCCAGATAGCC-3’ 3’-AAGGTCTATCGG-5’ UUCCAGAUAGCC AAGGUCUAUCGG AAGGTCTATCGG CCGAUGACCUU Transcription of a gene has just finished. What happens next? mRNA is transported out of the nucleus to the cytoplasm for protein synthesis Protein synthesis begins inside the nucleus Ribosomes and tRNAs are transported inside the nucleus for protein synthesis mRNA is transported out of the cell How does tRNA bring the correct amino acid to the translation complex for protein synthesis? The two features of a tRNA molecule, the anti-codon and the specific binding of one amino acid,
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bio study guide test two - DNA The cellular information to...

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