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Exam 2 Practice Questions

Exam 2 Practice Questions - C Show details clearly D...

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Exam 2 (Graphics) – Practice Questions 1. What is the standard engineering lettering style? 2. Engineering lettering should be how tall? 3. True/False: Engineering sketches should include design notes, the originator’s name, and the date the sketch was made. 4. Sketches need to be made with sharp, dark, black lines in order to: A.) Make good copies. B.) Fax clearly.
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Unformatted text preview: C.) Show details clearly. D.) Communicate design intent. E.) All of these. 5. Name the three principle projection planes. 6. What dimensions does each principle projection plane show? 7. In the following list, which one is a dimension? A.) Time B.) Second 8. In the following list, which one is a unit? A.) Time B.) Second 9....
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