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Notes 11-7 Texas Population Rapid Demographic Change in Texas Primarily growth Secondarily diversity -Texas is considered one of the 5 most diverse states Cities of Texas Cities are functional regions. -Continuation of Human Settlements -Urban areas are where the people are located -Half of all humans live in cities Urban areas/cities are Complex! -Geo-contribution? -“Shapes of Urban Areas” Urban Morphology Parts of the City are more expensive
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Unformatted text preview: -Center (CBD)-Most expensive land in the city-Buildings are built upwards (skyscrapers) because of the expensive land cost-Proximity to Connections Certain functions repel others-Segregation of functions Galveston First urbanized city in Texas (San Antonio was first city) Originally used as a gateway city and a port Sidewalks and other residential code regulations started in Galveston Back streets and allies started in Galveston...
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