exam 1 problem grading (1)

exam 1 problem grading (1) - 1 point when base beam links...

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Exam 1 Problem #24: 1 point - Free point for starting atleast the FBD 2 points - FBD - 3 forces and coordinate orientation; 1/2 point each 3 points - Right equations for Sum of X, Y and Moment to calculate external forces 3 points - FBD at 3 significant nodes for calculating the internal forces 6 points - sum of X and Y at each node, 1 point each
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Unformatted text preview: 1 point - when base beam links internal forces are equal 1 point - when top beam links internal forces are equal 1 point - when slanted links are in symmetry 1 point - For identifying the zero force members 1 point - For identifying tension or compression on the links....
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