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Exam 1 Topic List ENGR 111 Track A 1. Summing Forces: Procedure for using geometry to calculate force resultants and sums 2. Free Body diagram construction Procedure 3. Cables (ropes), forces in cables. 4. Reactions at Pin and Roller joints 5. Moment Calculation: a. Can you find the moment of a force about a point? b. Can you correctly identify the sign of the moment? c. Can you find the sum of the moments of individual forces? 6. Static Equilibrium: Procedure for finding unknown forces by using static equilibrium 7. Truss Construction and Analysis a. What is a truss? b. What is a stable truss? c. How many links are needed to create a stable truss? 2D, 3D.
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Unformatted text preview: d. Truss: how do you find EXTERNAL forces (reactions at supports)? e. How do you calc. INTERNAL (axial) forces in truss members? Method of joints. f. How do you identify ZERO-FORCE MEMBERS by inspection? g. TWO-FORCE MEMBERS in equilibrium: what do you know about forces acting on a two-force member in equilibrium? How do you sketch the forces? What about their line of action? h. FACTOR OF SAFETY. 8. Engineering Lettering Style 9. Preparing Engineering Sketches 10. Orthographic Projection a. Principle Projection Planes b. Standard Orthographic views c. Standard line types d. Precedence of lines e. View Selection...
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