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CPI%20HEalth%20care%20assignment - what each one means...

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Objective: The point of this lesson is to give you exposure to finding health insurance in the United States. In addition spend some time learning some terms such as Network, Point of Service, Preferred Provider, Health Maintenance Organization, Co-Payment, Co-Insurance, Deductible, and Office Visit. You can find the definitions on the website listed below. Type a paragraph discussing each of your two plans . You must complete both part one and part two. Part 1 1. Go to www.ehealthinsurance.com . You can also find it by searching “ehealthinsurance” through search engines such as Yahoo and Google. Go to the webpage. 2. Click on Individual and Family Policy. Enter your zip code and click on get quotes 3. You are the applicant. Enter your birth date then click on “Get Quotes” 4. Several health insurance plans will come up. Look over the choices to see which one fits your needs and budget. Explain to me in a paragraph which on you chose with an explanation of your reasons. Note: You can click on terms such as deductible, co-insurance, co-payment to find out
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Unformatted text preview: what each one means. Please look at terms such as Network, HMO, PPO and POS. You will see them on a quiz or the final exam. Part 2 Then you will complete the same steps listed above but you will be trying to get health insurance for yourself but also a spouse and 2 children. You can choose the ages of your spouse and children. Then get the quotes for the policy and explain to me in a paragraph why you chose that plan. Spend some time looking over these plans do not just rush through it. You might one day be faced with having to find health insurance for your loved ones. You will learn that health insurance policies are not all the same. Make sure you understand the terms listed below: You will see them on the quiz and probably the test. PPO, POS, NETWORK, HMO, DEDUCTIBLE,CO-PAY, and CO-INSURANCE, and others Due Dates : Feb 16 th . Just type in your answers in the submission box on the assignment for healthcare....
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