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Krystal Wein Principles of Management p. 33 1. Managing for information technology is the challenge Sergio Marchionne is dealing with. Since he is only at his office one week out of the month other than meetings, he has to be very up to date with technology. He has to deal with emails, messaging, conference calls, and more. To keep all of this organized and be able to work like that is definitely a challenge and I’m sure very overwhelming at times. 2. Marchionne started making goals for Chrysler like sales, quality, and working staff. He reorganized the company by changing up his whole management team. He is controlling this company very tightly. He went as far as to have people call his management team so they don’t talk to the news so their plans are executed properly. I think he could lead more and not be so harsh on his employees. Maybe
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Unformatted text preview: offering some employee incentives would help persuade employees to work harder. 3. I think Sergio has the decisional managerial role. 4. Marchionne combined one of his previous companies from Italy with Chrysler to broaden and expand the company. This was also a great way to allocate his resources. 5. I think Marchionnes technical skills are pretty basic since he doesnt directly work with the cars. His conceptual skills are exceptionally good. Moving so many employees around and starting off with a whole new management team is a tough way to start a business. I think his human skills are good professionally but he could work on being more personable rather than intimidating people all the time....
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