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Krystal Wein p. 190 1. Azul airline has a great growth strategy. By offering free transportation to the airline, customers are more willing to fly. Azul targets middle-class people in Brazil. By making flying as cheap/cheaper than the bus people will want to fly. Neeleman is using “Fit”. 2. Azul follows the five steps of the strategic-management process. Neeleman established his mission of creating an airline that is cheap to fly on so more Brazilians will start flying. His strategy is to target the middle-class people that take the bus on trips regularly. He formulates his plan by doing the research and coming up with the idea of free transportation to the airline. He carried his plan out and has succeeded greatly in his first year. Hopefully he will keep his eye on the goals and not give into his eagerness of being successful to maintain his business. 3. Asul’s strengths are the opportunity is there, his flights are cheap, free rides to the airline, he has many shares to work with, and he has experience. The weakness is there is a low
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