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1. Mark Zukerberg has legitimate power because he is the CEO of his company and refuses to accept an IPO. He reminds his employees to stay focused on their job and not the payout. He still has full control of his company including 3 out of the 5 seating votes for his board. He also has reward power because he gives his employees stock units instead of individual pay. Therefore even if Mark does accept a payout his employees will get money out of the company either way. Zuckerberg also has referent power because Mark is a strong, visionary leader who has made Facebook a billion dollar company by himself. He has a vision for Facebook and he is making it come true. 2. Mark uses inspirational appeals by telling his employees about his vision for Facebook and including them in most all of the decisions. He uses consultation by asking everyone’s thoughts on different ideas and then decides on what to based on their opinions. He uses ingratiating tactics by asking for help and getting an objective point of
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