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Group Presentation #5 Capital Punishment Directions: Consider each grouping of questions below. Your job, collectively, is to research as extensively as possible each of these areas and organize your findings into a five page minimum double-spaced paper. Then, you will present your findings in a Power Point lecture lasting at least 20-30 minutes. Word count should be included in the upper margins of your paper; extensive citations should be footnoted throughout your writing (see the weblinks tab on the course website on how to do this). Groups must have a minimum of 10 different sources included in the paper. Sources can be internet, magazine, or peer reviewed journals, though most everything you can find online. There is one exception – no Wikipedia. In addition, students should make a concerted effort to avoid bias, one-sided perspectives, and sources generally trying to promote an agenda. Think of this as a fact-finding mission. You are not organizing a debate or even making
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202_presentation5 - Group Presentation #5 Capital...

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