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wc 1 - yes Does the content cover several topics minimally...

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Website Credibility Go to Google and search the words "Michael Jackson", take the first two entries, these will be below the news results, and evaluate them. You will need to print 2 sheets and turn them both in. Website Name: www.michaeljackson.com 1. Credibility Is there an author listed? yes Does the author cite sources or a bibliography? no Does the author cite formal credentials or experience? no Can you contact the author? yes Do you know who sponsored the page? Are they reputable? yes 2. Bias Does the site present information in an objective manner? yes Are all sides of an issue represented, or is this site biased? Non-bias 3. Audience Is the level of the website appropriate to your needs?
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Unformatted text preview: yes Does the content cover several topics minimally or one topic in detail? several 4. Accuracy Does the site provide documentation for the information provided? no Does the site provide information that contradicts other sources? no Does the site include an explanation of its research methods? no 5. Currency Was the information recently published? yes Has it been updated or revised? no 6. Relevance Does the information add to or support your research? no Does the site provide additional links that are also useful? yes Does the page provide more or less information than you need? less...
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