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rr12 - values of family Even though I might just be a...

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KrystalWein English Comp II Reading Response 12 After reading “The Unknown Citizen”, I became very humble. It just puts things into perspective. If you really think about it most of the people living today are just a statistic with no importance to society. This poem is easy to criticize using a Marxist criticism. It is obvious the poem is about someone either middle class or lower class. He served in the war and he worked for Fudge Motors Inc. To me this poem reinforces the
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Unformatted text preview: values of family. Even though I might just be a statistic to the government, I know I am important to my family and friends. As long as you live a happy life with people you care about who cares if you are a statistic. The people you interact with everyday and throughout your lifetime are the people that matter....
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