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Krystal Wein English Comp II Reading response 8 After reading Sadie and Maud, I thought this related a lot to today’s society even though it was written in 1945. I thought it was very ironic how Maud took the traditional path and ended up worse off then Sadie in my opinion. Sadie had two kids out of wedlock which is looked down upon but at least she had her kids to carry on her legacy. Poor Maud has nothing and just lives
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Unformatted text preview: alone at her house. Maud probably had a very boring life and now has nothing to show for it. Meanwhile Sadie got to raise her kids and see them grow up which is a treasure of it own. I really liked this poem because to me it represented that you make your own path. Just because your not doing what everyone else is doing doesnt mean you cant live a happy and meaningful life....
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