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Krystal Wein English Comp II I chose to write about The Story of an Hour by Kate Choplin. I liked this story a lot. It had a lot of descriptive words and it made you feel exactly how Mrs. Mallard felt before and while she was dying. It seemed like she was very scared at first and then all of a sudden had she had this sense of relief. I think that was the point of the story to show how she felt like she had nothing to live for after she found out her husband was dead. Towards the end of the passage though she talks about how she had loved him-sometimes but often she had not. That through me for a loop because the beginning of the story she talked about having nothing to live for. She also
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Unformatted text preview: was repeating the word free in a quiet whisper. Then she goes on to say body and soul free. I think this is foreshadowing her death and what dying meant to her. I think the meaning of the story is she knew she was going to die eventually but was holding on because of her husband but now that her husband has died she is free to die, free to let go of her unhappy life. I enjoyed this story and I think it is a story that makes you think about the quality of life and death and how death is not as horrible as everyone thinks it is....
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