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questions for readings - passing on his own fears the...

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Anyone lived in a pretty how town What does the poem mean? Why does cummings say spring summer autumn winter but the order changes every time? The poem is about life and the passage of time. Sadie and maud Why does brooks make the poem sound so sing a long when its really so sad? How did you like the poem? Why do you think the author made sadie and maud have the same outcome even though they chose two different paths? The eagle What do you make of he ending? What do you think the title mean? I think he jumped off the mountain so he could be free hence the title Comparatives ? In Trackless Woods What do you think this poem is about? Pied Beauty What does the the title have to do with the poem? Jabberwockey Why does he use words that don’t exist? Personally, I believe that quite a lot can be read into the meaning of this poem: the first verse tells of the state of the world, the second, a father educating his son on the dangers he may face in life, whilst also
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Unformatted text preview: passing on his own fears the third, armed with the knowledge he needs to succeed in life, the young man seeks his independance and steps out into the big wide world. the battle relates to the young man becoming an adult, facing the challenges of adulthood, independance, confronting his fears. he later returns to his father as a successful individual, and they celebrate together. the last paragraph is the son, who is now a father, educating his own son, and preparing him for the big wide world. The fact that the the first and last paragraphs are the same, show that whatever happened in between, the world hasn\'t changed. ... exactly the same, the same knowledge is being passed down from father to son and the mythical creatures are an analogy of the challenges faced when becoming a man. . or its just a really cool, fun poem. The Weary Blues Did the guy that played the blues dies or was his spirit just dead?...
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questions for readings - passing on his own fears the...

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