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Krystal Wein English Comp II I-Search Paper Topic I plan on writing my I-search paper on abortion. I am pro-life and I am going to write my paper on the controversy’s between abortions. The three questions I plan to answer in my paper are when does life truly begin, why people believe it is not truly a life when it is inside the uterus, why people believe they have the choice to kill a child when there are plenty other options, and why people need to be more educated on if your ready to have sex then you need to be ready to have a kid. This is a very controversial subject and I plan on giving reasons why people are for both pro choice and pro life. Obviously this paper is going to be somewhat bias because I feel very
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Unformatted text preview: strongly about but I am going to try to keep my paper based on facts not opinions. I plan to in interview Shaun Jacobs, Angela Triplett, Tom Triplett, Kourtney Wein, Scott Wein, Jessica Grenard, John Anderson, Cassie Mckean, Nicole King, Kacie McDaniel, Kim Denton, Davie Denton, Vicki Jacobs, Kenzie Wagener, Chelsea Godwin, Lindsey Douglass, Brian Bockius, Tori Branch, Cierra Branch, Ashley Russell, and Brandi Pope. I plan to interview my parents, grandparents, and my friends. I want to interview a variety of people who are pro choice and pro life....
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