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Wein 1 Krystal Wein Instructor Nelson English 101 Section 18 2 December 2009 A women’s right vs. a child’s rights In 1789, James Madison created the United States Bill of Rights. It came into effect into 1791. None of these rights include that a man or woman has the right to his or her own body. Even so society has decided that a man and a woman have the right to their body. So if a woman has a right to her body why does a child not? People say children are too young to know what is best for them and in some cases I agree. For example a child does not want to get a shot by choice. If you don’t believe me just walk into a pediatrician’s office and you will hear all the little kids screaming and crying. We as adults know that it is what is best for them. It is used to prevent measles, mumps, and all sorts of other diseases which a child does not realize. Even though children do not always know what is best for them, what rights should a child have? I think if you ask any child if she would like to be killed she would say no. I would imagine that most adult would say the same exact thing. The law states that a child does not become an adult until he or she turns eighteen and that’s when they get certain rights. Well then how come we have thirteen and fourteen year olds out on the streets working to provide for their whole entire family or even just for themselves. Would we consider them an adult? What is the definition of an adult? According to Webster dictionary an adult is a fully developed and mature person and also over the age of eighteen.(1) So is it safe to say that a woman has the right to kill her child all the way up until he or she is eighteen years old? I mean that
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Wein 2 is when the child turns into an adult and technically has rights to their own body. Why do people consider a mother killing her fifteen year old child murder but it is legal for a mother to kill her 4 week old baby inside her stomach? To state my point, why is there a difference between a woman’s right and a child’s right? A woman has the hard decision
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eng comp I final essay - Wein 1 Krystal Wein Instructor...

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