unit one test - Name: _ Class: _ Date: _ ID: A Introduction...

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Name: ________________________ Class: ___________________ Date: __________ ID: A 2 Introduction to Information Sysytems - Unit 1 Multiple Choice Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. ____ 1. Computer ____ entails having the knowledge and understanding of computers and their uses. a. literacy c. legitimacy b. intimacy d. infancy ____ 2. A(n) ____ is an electronic device, operating under the control of instructions stored in its own memory, that can accept data, process the data according to specified rules, produce results, and store the results for future use. a. input device c. output device b. computer d. both a and c ____ 3. Some people refer to the series of input, process, output, and storage activities as the ____ processing cycle. a. data c. output b. input d. information ____ 4. A(n) ____ device is any hardware component that allows you to enter data and instructions into a computer. a. output c. input b. communications d. terminal ____ 5. All of the following are advantages of using computers except ____. a. speed c. communications b. impact on labor force d. consistency ____ 6. A(n) ____ is a real-time typed conversation that takes place on a computer. a. chat c. confab b. telnet d. quick talk ____ 7. A(n) ____ is anyone who communicates with a computer or utilizes the information it generates. a. user c. manager b. editor d. programmer ____ 8. A computer contains many electric, electronic, and mechanical components known as ____. a. software c. output b. input devices d. hardware ____ 9. ____ computing involves reducing the electricity consumed and environmental waste generated when using a computer. a. Green c. Streamlined b. Universal d. Comprehensive ____ 10. The ____ is a worldwide collection of networks that connects millions of businesses, government agencies, educational institutions, and individuals. a. Web c. Newsnet b. Telnet d. Internet
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Name: ________________________ ID: A 2 ____ 11. People around the world use the Internet to ____. a.
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unit one test - Name: _ Class: _ Date: _ ID: A Introduction...

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