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Unformatted text preview: Because an English past participle is so similar to the English past tense, recognizing a past participle written in English is much more difficult than it is in Spanish. To thoroughly understand this concept, let's quickly review this point of English grammar. Most English speakers were forced to learn the past participle as one of three forms of a verb. You may remember chanting: swim, swam, swum, drink, drank, drunk, write, wrote, written, and bring, brought, brought. Can you fill in the blanks below? do, did, ______ take, took, _____ think, thought, _____ Whether or not you remember the correct answers (done, taken, and thought) for these particular blanks, any memory of these verb threesomes indicates that some elementary school teacher was trying to teach you that the past tense and the past participle form of a verb may be but are not...
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