89 - ar endings in the regular (indicative) present tense,...

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Present subjunctive of -  er  and -  ir  verbs  The earlier chant still applies when you conjugate -  er  and -  ir  verbs in the subjunctive present tense:  1. form of  yo   2. drop the -  o   3. add the opposite endings As you can see in Table 9  , the endings for -  er  and -  ir  verbs in the present subjunctive look like the - 
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Unformatted text preview: ar endings in the regular (indicative) present tense, except that the yo form is exactly like the l form. TABLE 9 Present Subjunctive Conjugation Chart for - er and - ir Verbs Subject Ending Subject Ending yo-a nosotros/nosotras-amos t-as vosotros/vosotras-is l-a ellos-an ella-a ellas-an usted-a ustedes-an...
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