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91 - like tener are listed in Table 2 Only the yo/él form...

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Because the first step to creating a subjunctive conjugation is to determine the  yo  form of the regular  present tense, any verb that is irregular in the  yo  form of the present tense will carry that irregularity  in all forms of the subjunctive present tense.  go  verbs  Table 1  presents the present subjunctive conjugation of  tener,  a -  go  verb. More verbs that behave 
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Unformatted text preview: like tener are listed in Table 2 . Only the yo/él form is listed because, by now, you should be able to ascertain the other forms. TABLE 1 Present Subjunctive Conjugation Chart for Tener (to Have) Subject Verb Subject Verb yo tenga nosotros/nosotras tengamos tú tengas vosotros/vosotras tengáis él tenga ellos tengan ella tenga ellas tengan usted tenga ustedes tengan...
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