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104 - are listed in Table 9 TABLE 8 Present Subjunctive...

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gir  verbs  A verb that ends in -  gir  in its infinitive form must change the  g  to  j  to maintain the soft  g  sound in all  forms of the present subjunctive. Table 8  presents the present subjunctive forms for the verb  dirigir All the other verbs ending in -  gir
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Unformatted text preview: are listed in Table 9 . TABLE 8 Present Subjunctive Conjugation Chart for Dirigir (to Direct) Subject Verb Subject Verb yo dirija nosotros/nosotras dirijamos tú dirijas vosotros/vosotras dirijáis él dirija ellos dirijan ella dirija ellas dirijan usted dirija ustedes dirijan...
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