AED 200. Final Project Educational Debate.Week 9.Day 7

AED 200. Final Project Educational Debate.Week 9.Day 7 -...

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Can Retention be good 1 Can Retention be good for a Student Can Retention be good 2 A child barely understands the basic concepts of the material being taught in the classroom; should the teacher decide to retain the student or pass him or her onto the next grade level? Retention is the act of holding a student back a grade level because of not understanding the material, emotionally not at the same age level, or just plain failing by not putting forth the effort. Even though a student could be upset with the student not being with his or her same age or grade level: student retention can be good because of the child not understanding the material, failing or just not emotionally ready to move onto the next grade level. Retention may be a good way to help a student but some do not believe that it will help the child. Some say student retention is not a good thing because the child will not be with other children their own age level or that the student can go to summer school or receive tutoring to catch up. Some people say that their child is the oldest child in the class and if they are held
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back then there may be almost a two year difference between their child and the youngest child in the same grade level. While age difference may or may not be an issue, for the child the understanding of the materials is an important achievement for the student, teacher, and parent. Other parents say that a student just needs to have tutoring or one on one help to fully understand the material being taught. Tutoring is a great asset to supply for the child to learn and can help throughout the school year but sometimes tutoring mat not provide enough time to teach the child all the materials. Parents might state that if their child goes to summer school that the child will be ready to move onto the next grade level. Summer school is a great option to have for students who are performing just below grade level average. While most school systems provide summer school, there are some school systems that do not have enough funding to supplies teachers for summer school . While summer school, tutoring and the concern of age are Can Retention be good 3 definitely good reasons for not retaining a student sometimes it is the best interest to retain the
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AED 200. Final Project Educational Debate.Week 9.Day 7 -...

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